Saturday, 27 November 2010

Fate Points

Nicked this idea from another campaign.

Fate Points.

Fate Points are a neat way of rewarding good playership, and will also hopefully add an additional exciting unpredictable flair to the games. In a way they are the closest thing to discriminatory divine intervention.

A Fate Point will allow a player to make a single re-roll at any point, any time. They can be hoarded between evenings, and can be used multiple times on a single event. They can also be used to re-roll other people's rolls, in other games (rather cruelly) at the request of other players (rather very cruelly). You can use your fate points to re-roll another player's re-roll. It will get rather confusing, and will probably destroy any vague friendships.

This list will no doubt change as events progress, but at the moment Fate Points may be earned by the following means each meeting.
  • for a completely painted warband
  • for attention to storyline
  • for provision of snacks and gifts
  • for sportsmanship in the light of adversity
  • for the provision of extra miniature bits
  • for dice and other player aids if someone has forgot

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